Jul 24, 2017 Tiếng Việt

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PhanBoiChauPhan Bội Châu (Chữ nôm 潘佩珠 1867- October 29, 1940) was a pioneer of Vietnamese twentieth century nationalism. In 1903 he formed a revolutionary organization called the Reformation Society (Duy Tân Hội).

From 1905 to 1908 he lived in Japan where he wrote political tracts calling for the liberation of Vietnam from the French colonial regime. After being forced to leave Japan, he moved to China where he was influenced by Sun Yat-Sen. He formed a new group called the Vietnamese Restoration League (Viet Nam Quang Phuc Hoi), modeled after Sun Yat-Sen's republican party. In 1925, French agents seized him in Shanghai. He was convicted of treason and spent the rest of his life under house arrest in Huế.


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