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Chúc Mừng Năm Mới

Xuân Quý Mão
January 22, 2023
The Nguyễn Dynasty (Vietnamese: Nhà Nguyễn; Sino-Vietnamese: Nguyễn triều ) was the last ruling family of Vietnam. Their rule began in 1802 when Emperor Gia Long ascended the throne after defeating the Tay Son Dynasty and ended in 1945 when Bảo Đại abdicated the throne and transferred power to the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, ruling for a total of 143 years. During the reign of Emperor Gia Long, the nation officially became known as Việt Nam , but from the reign of emperor Minh Mạng on, the nation was renamed Đại Nam. Their rule was marked by the increasing influence of French colonialism; the nation was eventually partitioned into three, Cochin China became a French colony while Annam and Tonkin became protectorates which were independent in name only.Xem tiếp...


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